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Our technical services aim at:

  • informing and training the salon personnel in the proper and most efficient use and application of our products
  • the objective informing of the salon’s customers and the evolution of customers’ awareness
  • the construction of an excellent professional relationship based on bilateral exchange of experience and opinions.

Complete technical product consulting and support

In our efforts to respond to the needs of our customers for complete technical support and consulting regarding our products, we offer the following services which are accordingly designed and arranged to best suit each time schedule:
  • informative visitation
  • one-day presentation on-site
  • technical support per telephone, per email or in the salon.

Exclusive technical support per telephone

Our professional customers enjoy exclusive technical support

Monday to Saturday,

08:00 to 20:00.

Technical education and consulting

DiCO offers a broad spectrum of services to its local distributors and/or professional customers:
  • local technical seminars for small groups
  • local technical seminars with additional support of Kemon's technicians and consultants
  • several-day technical seminars at the headquarters of DiCO in Athens
  • several-day technical seminars at the 4 Academies of Kemon (St. Giustino, Milano, Padua, Napoli)
  • hair styiling demonstrations and fashion show, in combination with technical hairdressing workshop.

Orders and Logistics

We retain a simple, flexible and efficient order and delivery system, utilising every available infra structure to serve our customers in the every part of the Hellenic Territory in the fastest, most effective and most ecologic way.

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