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Kemon produces and distributes products, training and images for the professional haircare market.

A modern research laboratory, centralized production guided by ISO 9001:2000 quality certification standards, ecological consensus and a training sector that is in continual evolution: all of the above make Kemon one of the leading companies in the Italian and international professional hair styling market.

The environmental commitment of Kemon
  • Kemons Environmental Management System is certified with the international UNI EN ISO 14001: 2004
  • Kemon has uses 100% hydroelectric, renewable and “clean” power, reducing the emission of pollutants and protecting the environment
  • All bio-ecological cosmetic products of Kemon are certified by ICEA
  • Kemon uses paper originating from sustainably managed forests, certified by FSC

More than 50 years of history

With a long history of innovations and professionalism, Kemon has developed into an international ambassador of quality and Italian Style, offering excellent training services in styling and hairdressing, grandiose events and shows and in-depth technical education and information.

Mission and Vision

Kemons future projects and newest marketing and communication strategies will be increasingly oriented towards the appreciation of the territory and the expansion of the companys product lines with natural products in order to promote a lifestyle that focuses on respect for the environment, the protection of biodiversity and the safeguarding of natural resources to contribute to improving the quality of life.
In addition to extremely high-quality products and services, Kemon offers the flexibility and dynamism of an agile structure, the efficiency of its systems and, above all, a human scale organization, in which personal relations are of prime importance and customer care is an objective that is pursued at every company level.

DiCO Professional Welfare Solutions trusts Kemon to offer Greek hairdressers and consumers reliable high quality professional products and one unique access to the Italian hair styling scene.

  The high quality product line with natural ingredients which bring together tradition and innovation, elegance and simplicity and more precisely, Science and Nature.
  Technique and effectiveness in priority: this complete line covers all of hair stylists and customers needs efficiently and fast.
  A brand name which equals quality, this line is historically bond to Kemon as it is to DiCO regarding the Hellenic market.
  Originality, transgression, uniqueness. Unlimited versatility in styling and hair creations. The xtreme styling products which stand out!
  The first certified bio – ecologic product line for hair care, beauty and welfare.
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