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DiCO Professional Welfare Solutions is a Hellenic company
which offers high quality products and intelligent support services
for Hairdressers and Consumers in Greece and Cyprus.
DiCO is also a house of brands offering broad support
to cosmetic companies interested in the local markets.

Regarding our products
highest quality, 100% professional efficiency
complete and innovative product series
best quality/price ratios and offers

Regarding our services
broad information, education and technical support
smart and high-value services
reliable and friendly business relations

DiCO House of Brands
25+ years of experience & dedication
pioneer in "live" technical educational support (1990)
pioneer in introducing natural haircare and gentle hair colouring (1990-1998)
pioneer in electronic presence and social media (2009-to date)

Our company is active in the professional rcare segment for over 25 years, in cooperation with some of the most innovative cosmetics producers world wide. Our absolute priority is the complete technical support and consulting of our customers, as well as the fast responsiveness to their needs. To our supplying partners we offer steady, reliable and long-term co-operations, a broad palette of services for the most efficient market introduction and an experienced team ready to adjust or optimize any marketing strategy.

Our undertaking was one of the pioneers to introduce natural haircare products with pure, herbal ingredients in the Hellenic haircare market. Back then, almost two decades ago, terms like "pure treatment", environmentally friendly“ or „no animal testing“ were somehow alien to the Greek haircare status. Today, an increasing number of hairdressers and customers demand high quality, natural and ecologic haircare products which equally aim at efficacy and specific results, as well as health and the balance of senses. For example, a natural, ecologic shampoo which not only cleanses, but truly purifies the hair and calms or revitalizes the senses, crosses the limits of haircare over to the nowadays hard to achieve welfare. At DiCO Professional Welfare Solutions we utilise our experience and our still undiminished commitment to support all our customers in achieving the much desired Golden Section between efficiency and health, the ultimate welfare in hair and body treatment.

Since our very beginning, we are in constant search for new, innovative solutions to support and provide the Hellenic hairsalon sector with services and products of guaranteed high quality and efficacy, but also to promote our customers and advance their evolution.

Our office headquarters and warehouses are located in Athens, Greece.

DiCO's headquarters in Athens

If you are interested in learning more about DiCO or cooperating with us, feel free to call us at +30 210 6200404, or send us a message.

DiCO Professional Welfare Solutions
exclusive regional distributors-representatives:

Kemon S.p.A.(GR)
Villa Lodola (GR)
Earthly Body (GR,CY)
Marrakesh (GR,CY)
Ed Hardy Hair Accessories (GR)

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